Information about B2IRC

Basic information and background

The B2IRC Network is a public and open Internet relay chat network

Originally, B2IRC was aimed primarily at anime/manga related discussion but the focus shifted to something more general soon enough. We're open to anyone agreeing with our rules.

The B2IRC Network was created by 'Kyuu' Eturautti and Tero 'Sivis' Nybacka, assisted by Jere 'Raziel' Kataja, in December 2000

The internal structure of B2IRC consists of a network chairman, a ruling committee, other production committees and network operators

The B2IRC Charter can be viewed here (Acrobat Reader required)

Rules and limitations

This is a list of the basic rules for all users. If you're interested in viewing network policies and rules about decision making, please take a look at our charter as well.

As on any open IRC network, the user has to make the choice what (s)he wishes to do and not do on the network. However, certain basic rules apply. Also note that IRC is a free media, members of the B2IRC staff take no responsibility whatsoever for opinions expressed by users on this network. If you are not happy with this situation or any rules, please do not connect.

The network servers are located in Finland and thus Finnish law must be followed. In short, use common sense.

All harmful and abusive actions towards the network and its users are strictly forbidden. Such actions include, but are not limited to unwanted spamming/advertising, flooding, and channel takeovers. Users found involved in such actions will be immediately banned and if necessary, reported to proper authorities

Any commercial use of the network must be agreed upon beforehand with at least one network administrator.

The basic technical and policy limitations of our network include…

If you are unsure of any policies, guidelines or settings concerning B2IRC, please contact an administrator or operator.


The first breath of life for B2IRC started on an IRCNet channel #animefin during December 26th through December 28th, 2000. A majority of channel users seemed to feel that the current state of that network was too unsafe and an alternate was needed. Various options for IRC server software were tested but in the end, the ‘old familiar’ ircu2.10.10 felt like the best choice due to various reasons. The first public server opened on December 30th.

Further planning more clearly defined the network’s ideas and plans. The new network name was selected and the main target audience was defined as anything anime/manga related. It was also decided that the network is open to the general public, however all services would be primarily targeted towards the main target audience. Network rules were planned and the first web page was created.

Starting March 2001, the first project inside our small but creative development committee started. The IRCU patch, Lain, was introduced, based on earlier works of Darren Coleman for the QuakeNet ircu patch and EQU for the EQUNet ircu patch. A co-project, the Ki channel service was also started some time later.

During the following years, it became obvious that the network's target audience was not something to be written in stone and eventually, these notes were removed or adjusted.