Linking to B2IRC

Before reading on, please take a look at our rules and generic information as well as our charter, which can be found on the subpage About B2IRC. Please use the channel #opers for contacting us.

Server applications

Please read closely through this section before sending an application. If you're unsure about anything, feel free to ask first.

First, some requirements for new servers

Sending the application

We have chosen not to have a prewritten application at this time. We feel such a form would kill some of the purpose, as we wish to see your own words. Please include complete traceroute information to our servers at and Then include all the details of your server hardware and software. Don’t worry; the information will be handled confidentially. And last but not least - tell us about yourself, your interests in this network, our purpose and our ideas. Feel free to note if you think we’re not doing too well in some areas, we’re expecting all staff members to be capable of creative criticism.

Please contact us on #opers to receive a contact email address.

Other notes

It’s obvious that laying out all the rules for staff member and server applications is impossible, in the end we must resort to common sense above all else. Try to look at your applications from our point of view and feel free to ask in advance.

In the end, perhaps the most important requirement is an open mind.