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2009/05/10 (Kyuu)

As we make changes to the IRC server hardware, we finally found the time to do some basic upgrades to the website. The content is pretty much same old, but we changed the site engine to something a bit less outdated. As with most our other sites, graphical design is something we'll just have to live without.

As for the server moves, will be relocated, causing some downtime in the coming days. Other servers will not be affected.

2009/01/09 (Kyuu)

We've made changes to the WWW.IRC system, allowing for a new simpler way to integrate the service on any web page. The instructions are currently available in Finnish language at the B2 website, but if there's demand, we'll provide English language instructions as well.


2007/01/28 (Kyuu)

A number of our servers have been moved over to new connections during the past two weeks. The moves are pretty much over and we've also made some improvements to our WWW.IRC gateway. Please let us know if there are any problems.

Oh, and the staffpage still isn't working as it should. But a list of servers is available, which should suffice for now.

2006/12/05 (Kyuu)

The servers page is temporarily down. Until we get it fixed, just connect to server and use /map to find a list of alternative servers.

2006/04/23 (Kyuu)

Our WWW.IRC server is finally due for upgrade, being the oldest piece of server hardware at B2. The upgrade will take place today, resulting in some downtime for the service. UPDATE: All done, have fun

2006/01/22 (Kyuu)

The server is slowly becoming a stable part of the network. There have been some network outages in the past weeks, but we're hoping that's something the local ISP's there can work to fix. Generally, the connection there is quite stable.

2005/09/09 (Kyuu)

While major network upgrades continue at, we're introducing a new server at It's IP address will still change before it becomes a permanent server. However, test use is available and we'd appreciate any comments on functionality.

The network upgrades may yet cause a few disconnections at in the coming weeks, however the end result will be a much more stable and fail-safe connection.

And of course, the server at is also unaffected by these network upgrades.

2005/06/22 (Kyuu)

Due to a server breakdown, WWW.IRC is currently not available. We're working on it.

update: the problem is now fixed

2005/05/16 (Kyuu)

Opinions are now wanted. We've put together a little plan of possible changes to network settings, policies etc. We've decided to publish the thoughts and ideas gathered by operators, hoping to hear comments from network users. Most of the ideas are based on feedback received on IRC from various users.

update: Link removed - thank you for answering.

2005/04/14 (Kyuu)

Major network upgrades and restructuring have caused and will cause further small outages for most of our servers. We will continue to announce upcoming outages via network broadcast. will remain unaffected by these upgrades.

UPDATE (2005/04/21)
The upgrade, which of course didn't go quite as planned, should now be completed. Just in case we had any faith in Cisco Systems before, it's safe to say that we don't anymore.

2005/02/25 (Kyuu)

More WWW.IRC upgrades. Thanks to new upgrades to the base system (CGI:IRC), some new functionality is now available. Again, we'd like to extend our thanks to the CGI:IRC developers for a very versatile yet simple web-based IRC solution.

2005/01/17 (Kyuu)

We've done some major upgrading on the WWW.IRC system today. Due to this, extended character sets (read: äöå) didn't work properly for a few hours. Everything seems to be fixed now and the upgrade should improve small things, such as Firefox compatibility.

2004/06/28 (Kyuu)

Due to abuse (read: spam), we've altered our contact email address. From now on, please use (ADDRESS REMOVED from news archive; See "Contact us" page) to contact us via email.

2004/02/22 (Kyuu)

The organization behind B2IRC, formerly Project B2, has become a registered non-profit organization in Finland and thus, the copyright information has been changed. The new name is Säätöyhteisö B2 ry, with an unofficial english name Tuning Community B2. This will only have cosmetic effects on the network, and will not cause any change to network policies.

2003/10/06 (Kyuu)

We have a new test link up at, managed by Flash. We're interested in hearing comments from users on the functionality, good and bad news alike. Please provide your comments on #opers.

2003/09/25 (Kyuu)

There is a temporary ISP problem at Please use another server in the meantime.

2003/09/16 (Kyuu)

Due to ISP issues, the UK server has now been removed permanently. Depending on future needs and available servers, we are considering having a new server outside of Finland. However, thanks to the much improved routing at, there should be no issues with clients connecting from outside Finland. Of course, if any are reported, we'll deal with them accordingly.

At this point, we'd like to thank Auriga and Ozzy for their hard efforts with the Manchester server. Perhaps we'll be seeing them again sometime later.

2003/07/21 (Kyuu)

We are redirecting some users to alternate servers due to several hardware and other issues. These issues will be fixed as soon as possible, but during the meantime your connection may be automatically redirected to an alternate server.

2003/05/13 (Kyuu)

Due to the outbreak of the Fizzer worm around the Internet, we have taken some heavy steps into cleaning B2IRC from Fizzer clients. The presence of the worm should be 100% eliminated from our network within hours, but certain steps may have caused inconvenience for some users. We believe we've fixed this very small amount of cases, but if you're having any problems connecting to B2IRC, please contact immediately.

Now is also a great time to make sure your virus scanner is up to date, though the best way to stay safe now and in the future is not to open any strange e-mail attachments.

2003/02/01 (Kyuu)

A new ISP at as well as for some of our services should make connections much better for international users now. Please note that the IP change may cause some downtime for users. If you're having trouble connecting to, use another server in the meantime. However, for most users, the visible downtime is only minutes.

2003/01/08 (Kyuu)

After some unfortunate downtime, is available again. Thanks Auriga, and let's all send some hugs to the primary admin, Ozzy, while he's recovering from an accident.

2003/01/06 (Kyuu)

Most of the upgrade is done, however unfortunately is temporarily unavailable due to complications with the upgrade. We hope to have it functional within a few hours though. All other servers and services are functioning normally now. And as a thanks (punishment?) for being patient with us, here's a picture from our mini-opermeeting at Saariselkä, Northern Finland. From the left, that's Jede, Kyuu and Sivis.

2003/01/04 (Kyuu)

We will be upgrading ALL of our servers on Monday, January 6th at 06.00 (am) GMT. This will cause a short downtime for all our services, this downtime is estimated to be a maximum of 15-30 minutes. The upgrade will allow the use of various new functions, but there will be no changes to basic usage or network policies.

2002/12/17 (Kyuu)

Our new IRC Daemon software, ircu+Lain 1.2.0 has been released and is no available on the Dev-Com website.

We will be upgrading our servers to this new version in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates and information on new functions.

2002/09/27 (Kyuu)

After intense testing, a new server at is now open for business. This server, managed by ozzy, is located(obviously ;) in Manchester, UK.

2002/09/12 (Kyuu)

Some server changes have followed, the server at Tampere, Finland is now known as and point to a random server in Finland.

2002/09/04 (Kyuu)

Our web interface is now available for use, you will find the link to WWW.IRC on the page top menu. More finetuning will follow, please report any bugs and errors you may find.

2002/07/23 (Kyuu)

Due to ISP issues, the server will not be continuing operations. The status of international connections for and are excellent, so there are no immediate problems. However naturally, we are looking for new alternatives internationally.

2002/06/02 (Kyuu)

The operators unanimously agreed on the suggested first Network charter and the suggested people as network chairman and ruling board members

New web designs are in use for this site as well as for the staffpage

The servers page has been moved to the staffpage (link above)

Many of the texts have been modified and some new information has been added, including our Network charter which is available to the public on the Info subpage

2002/05/23 (Kyuu)

Our staffpage has opened to the public at We're still working on finetuning it and placing the links throughout our web sites

2002/05/15 (Kyuu)

It appears Mr. Murphy is back with a vengeance. There are currently some stability issues with If you're having trouble connecting, please try another server. We're resolving the matter ASAP

2002/05/06 (Kyuu)

Our test server at was chosen to become a stable server. All the cute details are visible on the servers page. Thanks and eternal bananas to and their cute admin, ozzy

2002/03/23 (Kyuu)

Don't worry, B²IRC is still here, running happy. The Servers page has been kept up to date. On a sidenote, our web server has been updated

2001/06/03 (Kyuu)

B²IRC is open - two servers are up and running, old HidoiNET services and servers are being moved

The old HidoiNET server at ip will be removed during the next week, the new replacement, is already running

2001/06/01 (Kyuu)

The B²IRC web pages were made available to the public

Almost ready to set up the first servers, HidoiNET servers will also be modified