Contact us

Please use the channel #opers primarily for any inquiries.

You may also visit the channel via web access on WWW.IRC.

Staff applications

Before reading on, please take a look at our rules and generic information as well as our charter, which can be found on the Info sub page. Please prepare a short introduction of yourself and visit #opers to receive a contact email address.

We’re not generally open for staff member applications. However, we also feel it’s a bad idea to completely close our eyes and ears to the public concerning this matter. If you feel you have something that you can offer to our network, please tell us that. Read through your e-mail before sending it and ask yourself one question: would I be interested in this person based on this letter?

Server applications

Please visit the Linking subpage for details

Other ways of contacting

If for some reason you cannot visit #opers, please see the Säätöyhteisö B2 ry website for alternate contact information.