Welcome to B2IRC

B2IRC is an open IRC (Internet relay chat) network provided by the Finnish based non profit organization, Säätöyhteisö B2 ry. As with B2, the aim of B2IRC is to promote free speech and exchange of opinions.


2017/12/18 (Kyuu)

Despite expectations to the contrary, B2IRC is not just alive but being upgraded. We are going to switch to a newer IRCD as well as an up to date secured web access option in early 2018. The new software has been tested, now we're doing the fine tuning.

2013/12/27 (Kyuu)

A great deal of the maintenance and upgrades at hameenlinna.fi have been completed, however more is ahead. We've decided to redirect traffic elsewhere for the time being, until the whole WAN link upgrade is finished. This should happen within a month. The end result should be a much more resilient link.

2011/11/19 (Kyuu)

Last night we suffered from a major netsplit and several hours of downtime for the WWW.IRC service. This was due to hardware problems on our veteran server, seen below in the middle. While issues with this server won't affect most client connections, we're looking to replace the server along with our next software upgrade soon. In any case, all services have now been restored to normal operation.

B2IRC hub server

2011/02/26 (Kyuu)

The founder and main operator of the IRC network EQUNet, EQU, has decided to shut down the EQUNet IRC network. We're saddened to see EQUNet go, but to help in the transition we've agreed to redirect all EQUNet traffic to B2IRC servers.

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2010/03/28 (Kyuu)

We're having major network problems at hameenlinna.fi.b2irc.net. The server will likely be unavailable for a few days, until the ISP finishes some major fixes.

2010/03/02 (Kyuu)

For the past few months, we've been working on a newer version of our IRC daemon, ie. server software. The new one will once again be based on Undernet's ircu and their version u2.10.12.12. Once we've tweaked a few more issues in our development net, we'll be opening it to everyone interested in testing. Naturally the B2IRC patch will be publicly available as well once it's finalized.

Update: The ircu patch has been given a name, as happened with the previous one (ircu+Lain). Our new ircu patch will be called Iono.

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