B2IRC Network

Quick connect

Use irc.b2irc.net to connect to a random server via IRC or quick join via web access.



Service update - Feb 21st 2024

A number of services have been upgraded which caused a small downtime during early evening Finnish time.

Total overhaul - Nov 1st 2020

B2IRC has just completed a total overhaul and upgrade round, including new ircd software (ngIRCd), new web IRC access services (Kiwi IRC), new backend servers, some other background changes and this new website featuring beautiful timeless design. Over here, IRC is not dead yet. The previous ircd was accepted in September 2002 and the previous website was started on June 2001 so perhaps it was about time.

Quick instructions for the overhaul period

  • This website will be published hours before starting the transfer.
  • At midnight between November 1st and 2nd Finnish time, we'll shut down the old network and transfer DNS to the new one. It will take about 30 minutes to propagate.
  • To connect to the new network immediately, please connect to iittala.fi.b2irc.net as that is a new location and new server for only the new network.
  • Web IRC at the new address will also work immediately. We'll redirect old web access URL's one by one within 24 hours.
  • Need help? Try Web IRC to #opers or email yllapito@b2.fi.