B2IRC rules in short

B2IRC is a free network. Please use freedom of speech responsibly. Opinions are good, harassment is bad. Failure to respect other users and their opinions may get you banned.

The fine print

B2IRC operates in Finland, thus it is subject to Finnish law. The legal entity operating the network is Säätöyhteisö B2 ry, a registered non-profit organization. All administrators and operators are volunteers.

B2IRC will make no attempt to clearly define unwanted behavior on our network. The key word is respect for individuals. Other people on the network will not agree with you on everything and your opinions may differ greatly. Yet you both share the same planet, and the same IRC network. There's room for all of us.

Our network neither rejects or encourages business use, ie. corporate channels or such. However, we reserve the right to set limits should this use require notable technical or human resources on our end to upkeep. Our primary target audience is non-commercial.

The operators

The operators on this network are basically just users with additional tools at their disposal for cases when they may be required. When an operator is not performing network maintenance duty, they are considered regular users with absolutely no special privileges. Operators must act responsibly and follow the same rules as everyone else.

Administrators are operators who also maintain a server.