B2IRC - Web IRC access

IRC channels on out network can be accessed via web interface on a computer or mobile device without the need for an IRC client. Web access to IRC is provided by our Kiwi IRC gateway.

Quick join

By clicking on the above link, the Web IRC gateway joins you on the channel #opers. You may change the joining channel on the login screen or join additional channels once you've logged in.

On the Channel list page, we have listed some channels which encourage public web access. Please visit #opers to have your channel listed on this page.


Web irc access is best for occasional use as a web client does not provide all the functions of a "real" IRC client. For active use, we recommend using client software such as Pidgin for graphical use or Irssi for text only. IRC is an open protocol, so the availability of client software is quite massive. Feel free to use any IRC software that best works for you.